Sunday, December 11, 2016

Masturbation and Islam

Question: //Bro, what’s your view on masturbation?//

Answer: As per my limited knowledge there is no principle of islam that deems masturbation as haraaam. I understand that Quran is silent on this issue. There are numerous issues in our day today life on which Quran / hadees is silent. In those cases we should ponder over it keeping in mind islamic priciples.                      

The reference from Quran - that some people give to prove that this act is haram / makrooh - is irrelevant. The ayah of Surah Al Muminoon 23: 5-6 is very clearly talking about abstaining from illegal physical relation. This ayah is nowhere connected to the act of masturbation.

It has been trend in muslim world that they have declared something haraam and later on they declared it halal. For ex: use of printing press, wearing Collar shirt, wearing Tie,  internet, photography, videography, making drawing of living things.  The reason for this change in fatwa is because they fail to look an issue from different perspectives.

Masturbation is one example which is declared haraam today but will be declared halal later on when scholars will think from open mind keeping in mind: human nature, sexual hormones, emotions etc.

Last - but not least: one should be very careful when declaring something haraam. Only Allah can make anything haraam. No human being can declare anything haraam which Allah has not declared. We are not talking about detestable, discouraged but we are talking about haraam and this is very serious matter.

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