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What will happen after death - Awagaman i.e. Life death life death cycle Or life hereafter???

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER DEATH? Death-Life-Death-Life… cycle?

By Khurshid Imam

A. Introduction

Dear friends.
This is the question we hardly ponder over. We are so much busy in our personal life that rarely we realize that we have come to this world for very short period - may be 10 years, 40 years or say 90 years. After that??? We don’t have any idea. But do we want to get idea???? Answer is NO - in general.
Everyday in newspaper we read people dying, leaving this world - but it is not enough to make us ponder over our purpose of creation. Our body, wealth, family, house, and business - nothing will go with us when we die. Though we read about others dying yet we don’t want to realize that even i can die any day any time.

In India, generally there are two categories of belief regarding what will happen after death.
1> Some people say that after our death, we will take some other form - depending upon our deeds - and come to this world again. If a person has done more good things then he/she will take birth in the form of human beings again into this world. If someone's bad deeds are more then he will take the form of animals and plants and may be as poor, handicapped, or born with deformities, or suffering from hunger etc and take birth into this world. This concept is called Transmigration of soul or awagaman.

2> Other group of people say that actually there is ONLY one worldly life. After our death we will not take birth in any form. But rather on Day of Judgment all human beings will be raised again. All will be held accountable for their each and every deed. And depending upon the deeds people will be rewarded paradise and hell. This life will not be like our worldly life. And this life hereafter will be eternal life.

Let us think and believe
Now let us analyze logically, scientifically and from Scripture point of view that which of the belief is correct. Obviously both can not be true at the same time.
According to the concept of awagaman - people who have done good deeds will take birth as human being while people who have sinned more will take birth in the form of animals and plants or will be born into lower caste or will be borne with disabilities.

B. Awagaman is against logic and common sense, science and Hindu scriptures

1. Evil increasing so population should decrease!!!
Today we know that evil is increasing day by day. All kind of crimes are increasing in numbers and nature. Also, as per the popular belief of YUG - Time is divided into 4 yug viz; kalyug, satyug, dwapar yug and treta yug - present time is kalyug. It means in present time evil is far more than good deeds.
So it means most of the people are dying by earning more sins - hence all these people who die should take birth as animal or plants - and thus eventually population of the world should????? DECREASE!!!!!
But we all know that population of the world is increasing!!!! Hence clear cut contradiction between awagaman and FACT.

2. Do we EAT our forefathers????
Awagaman concept says that all plants and animals are existing because of sins committed by them in previous life. When we eat plants or animals then does it mean that we are eating our forefathers or relatives or other people who did sin in previous life????

3. Obeying God can lead to destruction of human beings????
All will agree that a person should love God, he/she should follow commandments of God, not indulge in sins, don’t do bad deeds. All will agree for this. But what will happen ultimately? As more and more people will be obeying God, after their death they will NOT take birth in the form of plants and animals but they will be borne as human beings. Result? Agriculture, plants, trees, fruits, animals, milk, curd etc will disappear in due time and there will be drought and hunger. People will not have vegetables, fruits to eat, milk to drink - agriculture will vanish and people will die of hunger. By obeying God people will be heading towards their self-extinction?? It does not go to common sense.

4. Disobeying God can lead to prosperity of human beings????
Going vice versa - if people become disobedient to God, they sin lot, do lot of crime, indulge in criminal and unethical activity - after their death they will take birth as animals and plants. Result?? There will be lot of trees, plants, fruits, animals, milk etc. Problem of pollution, environmental concerns will be solved. Hence by disobeying god people will prosper. is this logical????

5. Safe side theory
Talking in terms of very simple words; lets us assume that there is 50-50 chance of awagaman and life hereafter concept being true.
      Suppose a person A believes that after death we will take birth here in this world in a form that depends on our deeds.
                    Another person B believes that if we have gone against God's commandments then we will be punished in hell and if we have followed God then we will be rewarded in paradise. We will NOT take birth in the form animals or plants or human beings again in this world.
Suppose after death it was found that Awagaman was correct, hence belief of Mr. A was right and that of Mr. B was wrong. Then no loss for both of them. Both will take birth in a form depending on their deeds.
But.... But... but Suppose after death it was found that Life hereafter is correct and awagaman is wrong then No harm for Mr B. He will be rewarded paradise as he obeyed God. But if mr. B has not lead life as per GOD then Mr. B will be punished in hell.
Taking both scenarios into account - which is more logical and safer side belief?

6.Principal of Natural justice
A natural principle is that if someone is accused of some crime then he/she should know that so and so is his/her crime. You can't put someone behind bar without explaining his/her crime.
As per awagaman - all animals and plants exists because they have done some crime in their previous life. Is not this against principle of natural justice??? They should at least know what crime they did? Until and unless they will know of their crime how they will abstain from it??
If a robber is put behind bar then he must be explained his crime so that he does not repeat it. By this simple logic concept of awagaman goes against principle of natural justice.

7. Principle of natural justice continues...
Not only a criminal should know of his/her crimes, but also it should be proved to him. Just by saying that since you are accused of theft - a thief can not be put behind bar. In a court of law his/her crime must be proved, otherwise it will be injustice. In the case of awagaman, neither plants, nor animals nor poor people know their crimes in previous life nor was it proved to them.

8. Helping needy/poor is against humanity????
It is a common sense and teachings of all faith that - one should help poor, help needy people, feed hungry people, give charity to poor, help blind and handicapped people - everyone agrees that these are good deeds.
Suppose police catches a thief, prove in court of law that this man has stolen and eventually court puts him behind the bar for a certain period. Now if a person thinks that he should help this criminal or thief by helping him escape the prison or help in some other way then this will be considered illegal in the eyes of laws. And any person who helps in freeing criminal or providing him anything of comfort will be wrong as per law.
Now as per awagaman - poor people, handicapped people, people born with deformities, people suffering from hunger - they are undergoing sins committed by them in previous life. Since they are criminal undergoing punishment then it means one should not help them, one should feed them, and one should not give them charity????????????? Is not this against humanity in any faith???? hence awagaman concept does not hold good.

9. Simple Scientific facts refute awagaman (transmigartion of soul concept)
Science has given many theories regarding the formation of universe. None have established as of now. But no one has doubt regarding the fact that - Initially this earth was hot mass, gradually with passage of time it cooled down. Then after many years plant kingdom existed. After thousands and lakh of years, animal kingdom came into existence. Then again after thousands and lakh years, human beings came into existence. So in short - first there were only plants for lakhs of years, then animals came into existence, and after thousands and lakh of years human beings came into existense.
Now according to popular indian belief - Animals+plants are collectively called BHOG YONI i.e. birth as a result of punishment/reward and Humanbeings are called KARM YONI i.e birth in which Karam or deeds can be done. Now 100$ questions is - how there was bhog yoni (plants) before karm yoni(human beings)??? Because as per awagaman if a man does bad deeds then he tale birth as plants. So how come firstly there was result (plants) and after that there was cause (humans)??? This goes against logic.

10. When was human population 100000billion????
Just have a look at any lawn. Look at grasses. Can you count them? May be extremely difficult, but yet possible. How many grasses would be there in a small lawn? May be lakh may be millions. So in a small lawn there would be millions of plants having life. What about in a city? In a country? In whole world????? Infiniteeee. May be billions of billions of billions. Now as per awagaman these plants are due to their sins in their past life. So it means that there should have been billions of billions of billions of human beings who have done sins???? And these numbers of plants are there since plant kingdom came into existence millions of years back. So was there ever in human history population of human beings this much???? NOOO. Even today there are only 6 billions people in the whole world. So this simple analysis goes against concept of awagaman.
But now - 1 question arises naturally - if concept of awagaman is wrong then how it became popular? How people started believing in that???
Please read response below which will make all things clear.

11. Sanatandharmi Scholars against awagaman theory
Vedas are considered to be God's words. They were revealed thousands and lakhs of years back. In the form of shruti they were passed on. After vedas several books were written by people and scholars. But Vedas are considered to be God's words, rest of books are human authored.
As per one of the greatest Scholar of modern era - Dr. Rahul Sankrityayan; he writes in his famous book of philosophy - Darshan Dig Darshan under the topic of Punarjanam that the concept of awagaman was not their in vedic period. Vedic Scholars were completely unknown from this concept. This concept was given first by Chandogya Rishi in his book Chandogya upnishad.

When people went away from word of God and gave their own concpet contradicting God's words then they are bound to illogical concept. In order to explain why some people are born with disabilities, why some people are poor, why some people suffer from disease - scholars gave the argument that there was a previous life in which they have committed sins and hence undergoing punishment.

12. Another Scholar testifies
Similarly another Scholar Dr. S. Radhakrishnan - who has translated vedas into english - he writes in his book - Upnishadon ki bhumika - that this concept of awagaman is not in vedas and it was given by scholars afterwards.

13. Vedas are STRICTLY against awagaman or transmigration of soul concept
Vedas are completely absent from this concept of awagaman or life death life death cycle. Not only that concept of awagaman is NOT at all present in vedas - but also - opposite of awagaman i.e Concept of life hereafter is there in vedas. It is so unfortunate that as people went away from God's word they started believing something which is against God's teachings. Vedas give lot of details about Life hereafter. for example - in Atharv Ved 4:34:2-7 Vedas speak about life of paradise. Similalrly at so many other places vedas speak about paradise, hell.

14. A community being misled for thousands of years
Waitttttt. All is not over. Something extremely important:
When a person dies then scholars are asked to recite for the peace of dead soul.Through this it is assumed that dead person will get peace. I bet - most of us don’t know what is read by pujari ji. What he recites is a part of Garud Puran called Pret kalp. You know what it says?? Since it is recited in sanskrit so people dont understand. It speaks regarding what will happen to the dead person after death. it says that if the dead person has done good deeds then he will be taken by yamdut to paradise where he will have joyfull life, he will get different types of pleasure, milk, curd, honey etc. So dead person will enjoy in paradise if he has done good deeds.
              Similarly it says that if dead person has done bad deeds then he will be punished in so many ways, dogs will bite him, he will be put into hell fire, his meat will be eaten, he will be made to fall from high places and in so many ways he will be punished.
Amazing!!!!! is not it??? When a person is alive then it is told to him that he will NOT go to paradise or hell rather he will take birth in this world only, but when he dies then it si told to him that he will be punished in hell if he had sinned.... Is not this a big fraud against the whole community???

My dear brothers and sisters
Just think over above points - don’t you think that concept of awagaman is against logic, against science and against God's teachings???
The Correct concept is the concept of life hereafter i.e paradise and hell. Every human being, on the day of judgment will be raised again (this is punrajanam) and will be rewarded paradise if he has lead life as per teachings of God and will be punished in hell if he has disobeyed GOD.

C. Conclusion

1. The popular hindu belief is that after death human beings take the birth in the form of human being, plant, animal, lower caste person, person with disabilities or desease.
2. This concept is against logic, against common sense, against science and against Vedas.
3. After death there will be no birth in this world – rather there will be rebirth on the Day of Judgment where people will be held accountable for their deeds and will be rewarded or punished depending upon their deeds.

* If you don't agree with the mail then instead of giving fatwa of deviation / kufr / shirk / biddat - have faith in Allah and leave it to him to judge.

* Author: Khurshid Imam is software engineer at Bangalore. For any criticism / feedback / suggestion feel free to mail –

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  1. aswa,
    wonderful start....
    keep it writing.

  2. masha Allah, a good pack of information.


    Please give your comments in reference to Hadees and Quran only

  4. well ppl which misunderstood transformation of soul is actually transformation of matter.. Consider the sperm from which you came into existence.. That sperm was actually a cell which after getting matured becomes sperm.. That cell in ur parent came from the food they eat.. Suppose parent ate some non veg, which turned to cells in the body.. From those cells few cells got matured and became sperms. And among those sperms, one sperm was eligible. Now when a person dies, his body is burried into land which decomposes into fertile soil that is again used for the growth of grass and plants and thn ate by animals and so on.. So this was actually science which is transformation of one matter into other and not the transformation of soul...

  5. You talked to refute the concept of Awagaman but how does the concept of "Life after death in Paradise" is supported by logic or science???

  6. @keertiKumar: u r right brother. The concept of awagaman is the result of misunderstanding+playing with the word of God. No wonder vedas never speak about awagaman rather life after death.
    @ahmed rayyan: brother, the emphasis of the article was on analyzing awagaman on the scale of logic, science and scripture. To prove only akhrat, seperate write up is required and i will do soon inshallah. However important point is: regarding what will happen after death mainly there two theories: 1. Life-death-life-death cycle or awagamn 2. Akhrat or life hereafter. any logical and honest person will agree with the fallacy of first one - right? However, if someone still require proof for second option then that should be produced and i will do inshallah.