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Difference between original ramayan and the ramayan you know

Know about the ORIGINAL Ramayana!

A. Introduction
Majority of indians are well aware of the great epic RAMAYANA. It is considered very sacred by our hindu brethren. Ramayan literary means - "The coming of Ram". This great epic was written by Valmiki ji. Period of valmiki ji is estimated to be around 400-500BC. Hence, ramayan is popularly called as Valmiki Ramayan. Its story is about the King dashrath, his wives and 4 sons. Shri Ram chandr ji was the eldest son; sacrificed his position as king and was forced to exile in jungle for 14 years. He is revered and worshipped by majority of Hindus.

But......wait - Do you know that the Ramayan i and you know is NOT the original VALMIKI RAMAYAN? Do you know the the ramayan TV serial that we watched on TV during 1990s is NOT based on original Ramayan?

B. What is the original Ramayan and what is popular ramayan?
Actually when valmiki ji wrote the Ramayan - it gained immense popularity, it was a masterpiece in the field of literature. 
After "Valmiki Ramayan" there were several versions of ramayan that were written by people. All these subsequent ramayan contained story of Valmiki ramayan with some modifications. It means that subsequent ramayana differed from the original ramayan in several ways. Among all these versions of ramayana, Tulsidas written RamCharitManas became very popular. Tulsidas was contemporary to King Akbar. Ramcharitmanas was written around 2000 years after original ramayan was written.
The Ramayan that you know today is NOT the original Ramayan written by Valmiki ji rather it is Tulsidas written Ramcharitmanas. Valmiki Ramayan is available in market.

Tulsidas written Ramcharitamans (The ramayan you know today)

1. Shri Ram chandr Ji was an avtaar of God or he was God.
2. Shri Ram chandr Ji had one wife.
3. King dashrath had 3 wives
4. It was written during 1500 AD.

Original ramayan written by Valmiki ji(The ramayan you did not know)

1. There is NOT a single reference where Shri Ram chandr Ji is projected as God or avtaar or God or deity. 
He is projected as a man, a nice and noble person. Words "Maryada Puroshattam Ram"- as Hindus call him - testify to this. Purushottam - means Best among MEN. All those reference where Shri Ram Chandr Ji is depicted as "human being-and-Not God" are removed from Ramcharitamans. If you read original ramayan then you will find Shri Ram Chandr Ji depicted as human being only.
2. It was written around 400-500BC. 
3. Shri Ram chandr Ji had several wives apart from Seeta.

Ayodha Kandam 8th Chapter, verse 12 - "Rama's wives will get delighted"
4. King dashrath had more than 350 wives.

(i) 'Dasharatha summons Sumantra to fetch all his wives when Rama was ready to go to forest. Sumantra, after entering the gynoecia, spoke these words to those women as follows: "Oh, the venerable ladies! The king is calling you. Go there without delay. All those women, asked thus by Sumantra as per the king's orders, went to his palace, after knowing the instructions of their husband.' Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 10.

Dasaratha said to Sumantra, "Oh, Sumantra! being all my wives, who are here. Surrounded by all of them, I want to see the virtuous Rama."

('who are here' means available at the capital city then)
Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 13

अर्ध सप्त शताः ताः तु प्रमदाः ताम्र लोचनाः |
कौसल्याम् परिवार्य अथ शनैः जग्मुर् धृत व्रताः || -३४-१३
“ardha sapta shataah taah tu pramadaah taamra locanaah |
kausalyaam parivaarya atha shanaih jagmur dhrita vrataah ||” 2-34-13

atha= thereafter; taah= those; ardha sapta shataah= THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY pramadaah= women; dhritavrataah= steadfast in their vow (of devotion to their husband); taamra lochanaah= having red eyes; parivaarya= encircling; kausalyaam= Kausaly; jagmuh= went; shanaih= slowly.

'Encircling Kausalya, three hundred fifty women, steadfast in their vow (of devotion to their husband), with their eyes reddened, went there slowly.'

(ii) Valmiki Ramayana, Book II : Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter (Sarga) 39, Verse 36:
एतावद् अभिनीत अर्थम् उक्त्वा जननीम् वचः |
त्रयः शत शत अर्धा हि ददर्श अवेक्ष्य मातरः || -३९-३६
etaavad abhiniita artham uktvaa sa jananiim vacah |
trayah shata shata ardhaa hi dadarsha avekshya maatarah || 2-39-36

36. uktvaa = uttering; vachah = words; etaavat = of such quality; abhiniitaartham = end appropriate meaning; aavekshhya = refelected again; dadarsha = (and) gazed at; trayah shata shataardhaah = his three hundred fifty; maatarah cha = mothers also.

Uttering the aforesaid words of such quality and appropriate meaning to his mother, Rama thought once again and gazed at his three hundred and fifty step-mothers.

(iv) Valmiki Ramayana, Book II : Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter (Sarga) 39, Verses 37 to 40:
Rama joined his palms and saluted those step mothers also, who were too distressed in the same way and spoke these words which were in consonance with the spirit of righteousness.
"Please excuse me, if I have done any mistake either becuase of our living together or due to ignorance on my part. I now take leave of you all."
All those women, whose mind was overpowered with grief, heard the aforesaid cool submission of Rama, which was in consonance with righteousness. While Rama was speaking thus, an outery, resembling the wail of female cranes arose from those wives of Dasaratha.

5. Regarding animal killing and meat eating in valmiki Ramayana - kindly go through the book:

C. Conclusion:
1. The ramayan you know, the ramayan that is recited in temples-homes-programs is NOT original ramayan but it is tulsidas written ramcharitmanas. The ramayan you viewed in TV Serial was also based on ramcharitmanas.

2. Shri Ram chandr Ji was projected only as a human being in the original ramayan, however in the tulsidas written ramcharitmanas he was projected as a diety or God or incarnation of God.

Note: This post is only for providing information. It should not be used for any negative propagation or spreading hatred/ disharmony.It can be used for informing about ramayna to our hindu brethren in humble and lovely manner. Feedback at 


  1. Ha Ha Ha ! Grow up buddy ! Think above Quran ! Dont limit urself to Quran ! Let Bhagavan Rama understand ur situation !

    1. Yes, Khurshid is right, in Valmiki Ramayana, Ram is a noble king not GOD. Basically, every version of Ramayana has some specialty or beauty like Ramcharitmanas gives much more emphasis on love (Ram & Sita). There are other retelling like "Kampan" which is very poetic. story of Ramayana was (and is) so beautiful that poets and dramatists from many periods tried to interpret it in their own way.

    2. There are so many references where it is mentioned rama is a ramayana carefully..........jai shriram

    3. Imam given you proof you should also give proof to support your thought

    4. Text 1.4.4 brahma puran
      Also there are many you can search in various puran as well as mahabharat also
      Lord Vishnu assured them by saying ---

      "I shall take incarnation as Ram at a place called Ayodhya. Presently, Ayodhya is being ruled by Dashrath, who inspite of having three queens, does not have any son. I shall manifest myself as Ram. Don't worry! I shall eliminate the menace called Ravana." Sage Agastya also told Sri Ram that Ravana belonged to the caste called 'Brahmrakshas'. This way, Sage Agastya after having finished his narration looked at Sri Ram anticipating further queries.

      1.4.3 Agastya Advises Sri Rama to Perform Ashvamedhya Yagya

      Sri Ram requested sage Agastya to tell about the means by which he could become liberated from the sins of killing brahmins. Sage Agastya advised him to perform Ashwamedha-yagya. He also described the rituals of performing Ashwamedha Yagya--- "Get a horse of white colour and after worshipping it on Vaishakh Purnima leave it to wander freely. Tie a piece of paper on its forehead on which your name and other details are mentioned. Soldiers should follow that horse wherever it goes. You should fight a battle against any king who dares to stop the horse. You should lead a celibate life till the horse returns back to the same place from where it had been let loose. It is customary for the performer of Ashwamedha yagya to indulge himself in benevolent deeds till the completion of Ashwamedha yagya." Sri Ram agreed to perform Ashwamedha yagya. He went to the seashore accompanied by numerous sages. He then cultivated a vast expanse of land with the help of a golden plough. A large oblation site was constructed and thus began Ashwamedha yagya under the supervision of Vashishth.
      Jai shree ram🙏

    5. Bhai why are you providing evidence s to non believers.....
      What ever you will say they will reject it saying that it's wrong...
      Raam is not god but he is source of all god's and their incarnation...
      Shiva explains the meaning of raam Naam to parvaPa and its power...
      And by the way purusha in Vedas doesn't refer to man of material world....
      No one can define purusha..
      I only know that lord Shiva and mahavishnu are considered perfect purusha....
      Then think lord Rama was Purushottam...
      Raam is par Brahma...cause of all causes...
      1000 names of vishnu equals single chant of word raam and this was revealed by Bhishma...
      Chanting name of lord Ram is equal to chanting billions of mantra at a time...this was explained by shiva to parvati..
      So before writing see the meaning of purushottam and narottam...
      These british translation of Hindu texts to english has caused all such misinterpretations...

    6. How can brahama purana and Mahabharat which came after the oldest ramayan for tell the coming of an Avatar of vishnu as Ram

  2. It is a well known fact that Ram ji was the avatar of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga, Lord Krishna in Dwapar and Kalki in Kalyug.

  3. Each and everything you wrote is Wrong .
    you envious creature.

    1. Dear FAKE profiler: Instead of writing any sensible word you wrote words without sense. No proof, no quote, no reference, no logic - only hatred. So feel happy.

  4. Each and everything you wrote depicting That Ram is not God is because you have not read those verses where he is called god.
    this is envious nature of yours and you can never become close to allah...
    if this is the way you are going to manplate the original texts.

    1. Dear FAKE profiler: Instead of writing any sensible word you wrote words without sense. No proof, no quote, no reference, no logic - only hatred. So feel happy.

  5. Hanuman is an example to show that Ram is God. Jambavanth also is an example to show it. Understand the time, situation and the purpose for which all the Ramayana's were written.
    Anyways, I am happy that you have done so much research about Ramayan. Please carry on the work. May be you can also be a lucky one to get Rama. Its called virodhi bhakti. Where being envy, chant him name unknowingly. But Rama nama is so powerful that it can even give salvation for that. So my dear friend, Pls carry on the work on all Ramayanas and chant his name as the hero of all Ramayans is Rama himself. Jai Shri Ram.

  6. Could you please tell me which Balmiki Ramayan did you read ( I mean Translator, Publisher)??? Or did you read it directly from sanskrit(means no translation), Then who was the publisher?? I want to read that too, and wanna conform if the source is correct...

  7. Dear Vikas

    To be utmost HONEST and utmost RATIONAL:

    1. Ramayan or valmiki ramayan was an EPIC written by Valmiki ji. There have been epics like Arabian nights, very popular stories like Allauddin ka chiragh, harry potter, Ali baba 40 thief etc. These stories were extremely popular in their respective era. IF people start liking these mythology / epic / story that they start considering it to be real event then we say that this is wrong approach.
    For example - if someone really believes that There was a boy named alauddin and he possessed a lamp which could produce a JINN - spirit and that JINN would do every work for alauddin then we say that this is wrong belief. Just because a story becomes popular that need not to be true.

    Take the case of Ramayana. Valmiki ji wrote an EPIC which became very very popular that time. With the passage of time people got so much immersed in the story that they started believing the story to be real. In the same fashion, other writers too made their own version of ramayan. Today the most popular version is ramcharitmanas. At this stage we need to think from brain rather emotion : when this was merely a mythology why we started believing it to be real?

    2. You can get valmiki ramyana from various publications. I am sending you address of GEETA PRESS GORAKHPUR, but you need to be extremely careful while reading this publication.

    There is LOT of mistranslation done by this publication. You can just go through my this article to find fraud committed by Geeta press gorakhpur in mistranslating Ramyana. YOu need to be patient and read this article then you will realize how things were distorted.

    I have elaborated in detail in the above article.You can compare translation given by other publications and geeta press in the above article and decide yourself. I have given complete reference of everything, Everything is with proof. You need to be judge honestly.

    GEETA PRESS; Bade Kajipur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273005
    0551 233 1250

    1. He asked which Valmiki Ramayan did you read, could you give us the pic of the book and all the references, so we can judge "honestly"

  8. Take the example of Mahbahrata.
    People died in Mahabharata war:

    Mahabharata, Book 11 (Stri Parva), Chapter 26, Verses 7 & 8:

    The royal sage Dhritarashtra, however, restraining the grief that arises from folly, enquired of Yudhishthira the just, saying, ‘If, O son of Pandu, thou knowest it, tell me the number of those that have fallen in this battle, as also of those that have escaped with life!’

    Mahabharata, Book 11 (Stri Parva), Chapter 26, Verses 9 &10:

    9 “दशायुतानाम अयुतं सहस्राणि च विंशतिः
    कॊट्यः षष्टिश च षट चैव ये ऽसमिन राजमृधे हताः
    10 अलक्ष्याणां तु वीराणां सहस्राणि चतुर्दश
    दश चान्यानि राजेन्द्र शतं षष्टिश च पञ्च च”

    9 ‘dasayutanam ayutam sahasrani ca vimsatih
    kotyah sastis ca sat caiva ye smin rajamrdhe hatah
    10 alaksyanam tu viranam sahasrani caturdasa
    dasa canyani rajendra satam sastis ca panca ca’

    Yudhishthira answered,
    ‘One billion 660 million and 20,000 men have fallen in this battle. Of the heroes that have escaped, the number is 240,165.’

    Are you ready to believe that so many people were killed thousands of years back?

    Not only I but many Sanatandharmi scholars do not consider ITIHAAS - Rmayana , Mahbharata to be true.

  9. Dear Vikas: Kindly check some of images that explain how some publications intentionally mistranslates valmiki ramayana.

    1. It is well known fact that ramayana is a story.There are many proofs like rama setu which proves ramayana is a true story not only in india but also in shrilanka.You have read the ramayana in which false events and wrong information is added by some non hindu people.Why don't you read is all against the science and there are 1000s of conflicts in kuran.........................................jai shriram

    2. It is well known fact that ramayana is a story.There are many proofs like rama setu which proves ramayana is a true story not only in india but also in shrilanka.You have read the ramayana in which false events and wrong information is added by some non hindu people.Why don't you read is all against the science and there are 1000s of conflicts in kuran.........................................jai shriram

  10. श्री राम जयम्

    Your research about Ramayanam is appreciative one.
    The Valmiki Ramayanam written maharshi Valmiki., about Sri Ram.

    My point >>

    If it is so, then why Maharshi Valmiki wrote in his Ramayana like this,
    " इति ब्रुवाणं काकुत्थ्सं ब्रह्मा ब्रह्मविदां वरः || ६-११७-१२
    अब्रवीच्छृणु मे वाक्यं सत्यं सत्यपराक्रम |

    Hearing the words of Rama, Brahma (the creator), the foremost among the knowers of Brahma the Absolute, spoke as follows: "Listen to my true word, O the truly brave lord!"

    भवान्नारायणो देवः श्रीमांश्चक्रायुधः प्रभुः || ६-११७-१३
    एकशृङ्गो वराहस्त्वं भूतभव्यसपत्नजित् |

    13. "You are the Lord Narayana himself the glorious god, who wields the discus. You are the Divine Boar with a single tusk, the conqueror of your past and future enemies."

    अक्षरं ब्रह्म सत्यं च मध्ये चान्ते च राघव || ६-११७-१४
    लोकानां त्वं परो धर्मो विष्वक्सेनश्चतुर्भजः |

    "You are Brahma, the imperishable, the Truth abiding in the middle as well as at the end of the universe. You are the supreme righteousness of people, whose powers go everywhere. You are the four-armed."

    Here Rama is considered as Lord Narayana and also Devi sita as Lakshmi.

    You may think, that was said by Lord Brahma, not Valmiki's own words.

    Anyhow I have another quote from same Valmiki Ramayanam to show,

    प्रीयते सततं रामः सहि मिष्णुः सनातनः |
    आदिदेवो महाबाहुर्हरिर्नारायणः प्रभुः || ६-१२८-१२०
    साक्षाद्रामो रघुश्रेष्ठः शेषो लक्ष्मण उच्यते |

    1. I support u brother this imam require's a further and deep study of valmiki ramayan becoz in valmiki ramayan under balkand in 15 th serg it is clearly mention that lord narayan tells all the gods that helps will incarnate as lord shri ram on earth

  11. Here all what imam is saying is all what he is trying to prove islam greater than shri ram but one thing u must remember brother that all ur effort is worth less becoz "ram to hamare dil mei hei " but there is not imam's fault is over this its all is becoz of KALYUG which impels over him to say such things

    1. "The first and the last Books of the Ramayana are later additions. The bulk, consisting of Books II--VI, represents Rama as an ideal hero. In Books I and VI, however Rama is made an avatara or incarnation of Vishnu, and the epic poem is transformed into a Vaishnava text. The reference to the Greeks, Parthians, and Sakas show that these Books cannot be earlier than the second century B.C......"[ The cultural Heritage of India, Vol. IV, The Religions, The Ramakrishna Mission, Institute of Culture ]....from this answers your question.

  12. Guys i beg all the Indians to understand one basic information. I am not trying to support RAM is god or super human. We most of the Indians shamelessly accepted concepts and thought foreigners sidelining our original idealogies. Whatever the Islam or Christianity teaches are baseless and are alien languages to us. When Mughals invaded India they left Islam behind. When inter continental business started Christianity entered India. Because someone is giving us money and food people during those days started spreading these information which are truly baseless. Christianity or Islam or any other recent religious thoughts are equivalent to THIRUKURAL a novel literature in Tamil. Infact to say some of the ancient texts are stolen from India , contemplated and given back as new school of thought and wisdom. Let's through away all the alien thoughts which does not help to person to understand things beyond a point and try to learn the hidden knowledge available in mother land.

  13. I want original book of balmiki

  14. Thank you for a well researched, fairly represented, and clearly articulated text.

  15. Matalabi kuch bhi???? 😁😁