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***************** By: Khurshid Imam ********************

Dear brother / sister

A. Are you too busy?

In our fast moving world, we hardly get time to reflect on the essence of life. From morning to evening we are thinking about ourselves, our families, our earnings, about better life style. 24*7 we are engaged in this.

Then suddenly we hear about death of someone. We read in news papers, watch on TV about so many people dying everyday. When we hear about the death of our close ones - father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunty etc, then we go in a state of extreme shock. We feel very bad and for days we keep thinking about the person who died.

Many questions keep surfacing in our minds:
  • How he/she can die?
  • He/She was so healthy?
  • Just 2 days back i met him/her?
  • He/She was such a nice person, why did he/she die?
  • Oh!! I can not believe that he/she could die.

This state of mind remains for some days and with the passage of time we go back to normal routine. And this cycle continues. Only thing is that we forget that even WE WILL DIE one day. When? No one knows. Those who have died never thought that they would die that day.

B. That is not the end. 

Have you ever thought that:
1. Why we came in to this world?
2. Who decided that we should take birth in this state and region?
3. Did we have a choice to take birth in a particular family?
4. What is the purpose of our life?
5. Earn, spend, earn, spend, strive, face difficulties in life, keep fighting problems of life and then die; have we come to the world only for this?
6. And MOST important - what will happen to us after our death?

C. Are we without any purpose?

We have not been sent to this world without any purpose; without any planning. Look at everything around you and you will find that it has some purpose. If the bulb stops giving light we throw it out because it is not fulfilling its purpose. So how can we -  human beings : the most complicated machine; can be without any purpose?

Look at the sky,there are billions of stars, vast galaxies, sun, moon, planets etc. There are different kind of animals, thousands of varieties of plants, flowers, vegetables. All around us are living creatures in rivers, seas and land. Have they all come into existence by itself? NO NO, there is a power, planning and intelligent design behind all these.

* We human beings too are into this world because of the will and planning of that super power, who is our creator and the creator of the whole universe.
* We have come to this world as decided by that Almighty.
* We have been sent to this world for a very limited time, say 40/50/60/70 years. After that; We have to die? No one can change this.
* What will happen to us after our death? Do we have any guidance regarding this? When should we try to understand about our life after death?

D. The Almighty 

The almighty God, is the master, creator and sustainer of all the worlds. He was there when nothing existed and he will be their when everything will cease to exist. Human beings will come and die but Almighty God will never die.

Almighty God is the most powerful who created this seemingly infinite universe. We can neither see him, nor grasp him. He is not comparable to any of his creation. He sees all, listens to all and knows all. Nothing is beyond HIS knowledge.
He is the God of Indians, Americans, Malaysians, Japanese and all. We don't have different gods for different countries, states or towns. He is the one and unique.

We should worship and believe in him. We should follow his teachings for real peace in life.
By disobeying God we are creating problems for ourselves. Look at the rampant corruption, murder, robbery, terrorism, molestations, suicide, degradation of women, alcoholism, gambling - these are horrific results of discarding guidance of God. In spite of wealth, people are committing suicide. There is no peace.

It is very sad that in our beloved country INDIA;
according to 2006 data of National Crime Records Bureau, INDIA
1. Murder - 32,481 per year; 89 per day
2. Kidnapping - 23,991 per year; 66 per day
3. Robbery - 18,456 per year; 51 per day
4. Burglary - 91,666 per year; 251 per day
5. Rape - 21,397 per year; 58 per day

Also, out of total rape cases of 21,397,(58 per day) 94.9 per cent involved offenders who were known to the victims. 

E. Then- one thought comes to mind.

Do bad and inhumane people who commit grave crimes get punishment they deserve? NO. Most of them don't.
Similarly, do all good, nice, kind people get reward for their good deeds? Do they get the respect they deserve? NO. Not all of them.

* Most of good people are troubled in this world as they are oppressed by powerful and unjust people. Mind questions whether this is justice?

* Most of bad people enjoy luxuries of life. Corrupt and inhuman people kill, loot and oppress weak people and still they spend their whole life in comfort. Is this justice?

* Many poor people struggle throughout their lives, facing only problems - though they are very obedient to God; don't always get recompense for their good deeds. Is this justice?

NO -  there is no complete justice for everyone in this world. Complete justice can be done only by the one who is THE CREATOR of all, who is most powerful, who can not be influenced by bribe or nepotism. Logically - there must be a system where every human being should get full recompense of his deeds he did in this world. Then only we can say that justice has been done. And this will definitely happen after death.

F. Let us return to HIM and know the purpose of life.

Throughout the ages, through revelations Almighty God has guided us. Holy vedas are considered to be the earliest revelation of God. Torah, zabur and injeel were also revealed by God which in its present day form is called as Holy Bible.

The last, final and uncorrupted revelation of God is Holy Quran.

"How can you disbelieve in Allah [Almighty God]; seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, then again will bring you to life (on the Day of Resurrection) and then unto Him you will return". Quran 2:28

"O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become pious". Quran 2:21

"And We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between them without purpose! That is the consideration of those who disbelieve...". Quran 38:27

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