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ONLY Allah knows what is in mother's womb????

Allah knows what is in mother’s womb

One of the prevelant misconceptions about Quran is that – Quran says that “no one except Allah knows what is in the mother’s womb” or “only Allah knows what is in mother’s womb”.
The Ayah quoted for reference is from Surah Luqman, Surah No 31, Ayah No 34

Now, any educated person knows that with the medical technique of ultrasound it is possible to determine the sex of unborn child. So does this mean Quran is wrong?
When asked this questions- Usually a knowledgeable person will answer – “See, this ayah is not talking about sex of child, rather it is talking about qualities of child, like will this child become boon for the society or bane for the society, will this child become Doctor or engineer, will this child be among hell dwellers or paradise dwellers etc ?
But unfortunately this typical answer is just a good way to avoid the question by giving false answer. Moreover Medical science has advanced to a stage that it is possible today to impart and predetermine qualities to an unborn child. So this answer does not hold good at all.
So, what do you mean? Does it mean Quran is wrong, it is contradicting to the established science?
Of course NOT, Quran is infallible. Quran can never ever contradict a fact. Islam is Deenul fitr (Deen of nature).It can never ever contradict a FACT or nature.. Allah says in Quran, Surah Nisa, Surah No 4 ,Ayah No 82 –“Do not they ponder over Quran with care, if it would have been from anyone besides Allah then there would have been many contradictions”
So where we are going wrong as far as the subject is concerned.

Or wait…….. is it because of lack of Arabic knowledge that we have understood that Quran is going wrong. Yes, yes, this is the reason.
Also the hundred billion dollar question is – Does Allah says that ONLY Allah knows what is in the mother’s womb?

Just check up Exact Arabic to English translation of this Ayah
“Innallaha (Verily Allah) Indahu (he possess) ilm-u-ssa’ate (Knowledge of Qiyamah) way o nazzelo (And he reveals) Al ghaisa (Rain) Wa yalamu (And he knows) ma (what) fi-l-arham (inside womb) wama (and No) tadri (knows) nafsun (any nafs) ma za (What) taksebo (he will do) ghadan (tomorrow) wama tadri (and does not know) nafsun (any nafs) be aye (which) ar dhin (earth or land) tamuto (he will die) innallaha (verily Allah) aleemun (knowledgeable) khabeer (well aware)

There is no arabic word for ONLY. What Quran tells here is VERILY. And of course verily does not mean ONLY.

So the interpretation of the above Ayah will be – "Verily Allah possess the knowledge of Qiyamah and he reveals the rain and he knows what is in mother’s womb and No nafs knows what he will do tomorrow and no any nafs know which place he will die. Verily Allah is knowledgeable and well aware".

Note: Intentionally I have not translated nafs as person or human being or man or soul because actually nafs and person or soul are two different term.

Following things can be concluded from the Ayah:
1. Allah Knows about Qiyamah
2. Allah reveals the rain
3. Allah knows what is in mother’s womb
4. No nafs knows what he/she will do tomorrow
5. No nafs knows where he/she will die
6. Allah is full of knowledge and well aware of all things.
So it is possible for entities other than Allah to know what is in the mother's womb. So when science today tells about the qualities of embryo or the not-yet-delivered child then it is NOT contradicting Quran.
So it is misconception that Quran says that Only Allah knows what is in the mother’s womb. Actually Quran says that verily Allah knows what is in the mother’s womb.

Clarification: One can question - can there be any one other than Allah who can know about the timing of Qiyamah [using above analogy]?
Answer is - No. As per above ayah, there can / can not be someone other than Allah who can know about the timing of qiyamah. But this "CAN" is completely eliminated in other ayah of Quran. Quran 7:187; 33:63 makes clear that ONLY Allah posses knowledge of last hour.

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If you don't agree with the mail then instead of giving fatwa of kufr/shirk/deviation have faith in Allah and leave him to judge.

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  1. good trial but, you really need to do research and examine what the ayah says.
    its true medical advanced can know about the unborn child but do you know when they can know it, after how many days?