Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If someone already knows my decision then how my decision is independent?

Question: If someone already knows my decision and I have to make this decision as per his knowledge then how my decision is independent?
Answer:  God / Allah made the universe and made universal laws. Quran proclaims time and again that laws of Allah never change. Results occur in the world as per laws of Allah. Some of laws we have discovered and some we are yet to.

2. Nothing "magical" as such happens in islam. No 'mujiza' in Islam.

3. People have attributed very less knowledge to Allah. What usually we think as "knowledge of Allah" is far less than he actual possess. People just think that Allah already knows what a person will do. This is narrowing down of God's knowledge. Let us understand this from an example:
At any particular instance / time - a person can do N number of different things. For ex: at a moment you can stand / sit / lie down / speak / close your eye / sing / run ..... say 100 different things you can do. But actually you will do only 1 out of 100 things. Similarly in next moment you can do 100 different things but again you will actually do only 1 particular thing. Similarly in your whole life there can be trillions of permutations and combinations of events that can take place but actually only some of events [say 1 million] will actually take place.

## What people usually understand: Allah has knowledge of those millions of things that you did.
## Actually: Allah knew all trillions+ of events that COULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE in your life.

So Allah knows all possibilities.

4. Allah has NOT fixed YOUR choice. "knowing" is different from "fixing". If Allah has "fixed" your actions then it means you were "programmed" / "fixed" to do that thing and you did not have a choice. This goes against numerous ayah of Quran. But unfortunately muslims as a whole believe in this theory.

5. God is beyond time and space so past / present / future does not make any relevance for him.
Human being is bound in time so he has past, present and future. What we do not know is simply future tense for us. This is very important point. You dont know what you will do tomorrow - but God knows, so for you - its simply future tense.

6. Some ayah of Quran are usually mistranslated which leads to false understanding of taqdeer as pre-destination. taqdeer refers to laws of God and associated results.
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  1. For eg I am appearing in an exam,either I will fail or pass and Allah knows if I will fail or pass for eg let us assume that Allah knows that I will pass then how can I fail? Since Allah knows i will pass,I must be passed and I can never fail no matter how much I try to fail because if I get failed that will prove that God is not all knowing.