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Punishment for one who disrespects Allah, Prophet, Quran and islam

Punishment for one who disrespects Allah, Prophet, Quran and islam

By: Khurshid Imam
There are two constraints that need to be taken care of.
A. Islam gives freedom of faith and freedom of thought. In general, there is no punishment in Islam for disrespecting or mocking of Islam or the Prophet or the Quran. What we need to understand is that this life is a test and test comes with free will and free will comes with choice.

# Qur'an offers freedom-of-faith -10:108, 6:104, 10:99, 39:41, 11:121, 73:19, 43:88-89, 2:272, 76:29, 18:29, 42:48, 76:3, 3:20, 88:21-22.

#Freedom-of-religion - 2:256, 109:6, 22:67-69, 42:15, 10:41, 2:139, 42:6.

#Freedom-of-freethinking - 15:3, 17:84, 6:110, 10:11, 11:121, 52:45.

B. Islam has to establish peace in the society and peace in the life of an individual without infringing upon rights of an individual. If this peace is disturbed then accordingly actions are to be taken to preserve peace in the society.
The Quran perfectly makes balance between these two scenarios. A. Prophet Muhammad was labelled and ridiculed by his opponents as:
1 ‘man affected by magic.’ Quran 17:47, 25:8
2. ‘Poet’. Quran 21:5, 37:36, 52:30
3. ‘Mad’. Quran 15:6, 37:36, 44:14, 68:51

Yet, not for once the Quran commanded that such blasphemous person should be killed. People attacked the Prophet, they attacked the Quran, calling it a book of 'confused dreams'. Indeed, the Holy Quran itself points to the fact that they saw its instructions as “mere stories of the ancients” Quran 16:24 Quran says that the biggest abuse against God is to claim that God has begotten a son. Quran 19:88-92 Yet, Quran did not say to kill such people. Quran teaches us utmost high morals. Emphasis of Quran is not on punishment, anarchy or fear but on explanation, reconciliation and deterrence. So much care does Quran take in dealing with other faiths that it teaches not to speak bad words even for the false gods. Quran 6:108 B. On the other hand objective of Islam is to establish peace. If something is resulting in disturbance of the peace of the land then ISLAM will not allow it.
If blaspheme - results in fasad fil ardh [to disturb the peace of the land] then death penalty will apply - otherwise not. And that too - judgement will be given by the state and not by mob or astray groups.

It is up to the Govt / scholars / experts to decide whether the particular instance of blaspheme is coming under the category of fasad fil ardh. Blaspheme - per se is not punishable, but if it qualifies to be fasad fil ard then it is.

People take islamic history without looking at the principles of Quran and that results in confusion. The case of Kaab bin Ashraf is the best example to illustrate this point.


  1. Is there any sahih hadith regarding this topic?

  2. As-salamu 'alaykum,

    The above article is vague. I suggest the author to be careful, because he is talking about the Deen of Allah.

    If the author really wants to work among the educated masses he should follow below points:

    1) Quote with authentic proofs the tafseer of Ayaat of Qur'an, rather vague translations as we can see many people who gone astray by apparent meaning without understanding of context.

    Tafseer gives you correct context of Ayaat on topic.

    Otherwise, those who knew Qur'an, recited, but did not understand meaning example of them included Khawarij who used ayaat of Qur'an to declare sahabah as kaafirs.

    So be careful.

    2) Gather all the ahadeeth Of Rasulullah on the topic. For this topic you have to gather the hadeeth in kitab al hadd or kitab al hudud of the books of ahadeeth. And search if there is anything on this topic.

    3) Read the kitab al-aqdhiya and see the orders passed by prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, khulafa ar-rashideen on the topic.

    Once you have studied then only conclude and derive points.

    This is a very vague article on the topic, reader should not form his/her view on it.

    If the author does not follow above points, he will go-astray and lead other astray.

    We ask Allah's safety from it.