Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Can we understand everything with aql?

It is not possible that a person will understand everything using aql / intellect / wisdom. What is important to note is that:

1. Time and again Quran exhorts people to use their aql.

2. Quran condemns those people who do not use aql.

3. Quran condemns those who adopt blind faith.

4. When we start using aql then we move from less knowledge area to more knowledge area. Knowledge is like an ocean. If someone has blind faith then he will understand zero. If someone uses aql then he will understand far more than those who do not use aql.

5. With the passage of time, with more pondering over Quran and with more knowledge we gain from things around us - we gain more knowledge and we leave behind less ignorance.

6. At any time - there will be things that we can understand by aql and there will be things that we will not be able to understand even using aql. But, in future we might understand later portions also.

7. For ex: earlier we did not know details of Quran in context with biology, oceanology, physics, Geography, geology etc. In past century - with more pondering, with more discoveries - we understand meaning of those Quranic ayah better.

8. Best part is : Those who understand something using aql - they are in position of making thousands other understand that subject. Those who chose blind faith - can not make other understand.

9. There is difference between something being against aql and something being beyond our knowledge.
For ex: Quran talks about 7 heavens. This information is beyond our scientific knowledge. Science has neither confirmed it nor denied it. So this fact of Quran is neither against aql nor against knowledge.
Similarly - Quran talks about jinn. Science has neither confirmed - nor denied. So this is neither against knowledge nor against aql.

10. If we present something in the name of islam - that goes against all norm of common sense and aql then we need to review and introspect our understanding of that topic.

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