Monday, April 16, 2018

Do you still deny need of hell?

Do you still deny need of hell?

India, 2018 first half ..... shameful events .... anger.. protest .. candle march .. emotions high.. demand for strict punishment for perverts ...poor girls have been violated..

In the wake of Asifa's heart-wrenching rape and murder, everyone is angry & aghast. Everyone is demanding strictest punishment for the culprits except a few depraved people.

It is unimaginable how dangerous human beings can become to their own kind. An innocent little girl was meted out with torture and atrocities beyond wildest thoughts. Will the perpetrators of this heinous crime get punished? Will they ever be subjected to a punishment as severe as the torment they inflicted upon their helpless victim? 

Let's face it, corruption and bias routinely fail the justice system set up by human beings. There is a high chance that the culprits will not get any punishment as happens in majority of the such cases in our country. Besides, even if they do, it can never be equal to the suffering they caused to their victim.

In this highly charged emotional environment people want strictest punishment for culprits. As time will pass, protest, emotion and anger will subside, but fact / truth will remain as it is. 

Truth does not require our emotions.
If we take a pause and reflect, two things become evident:

1.Poor soul was not violated because of any sin committed by her in a "previous" life. The popular belief of 'awagaman' says that you suffer in this world because of sins done in "previous life". Has anyone guts to say it loud that the girl was treated inhumanly because of her own sins in previous birth? No, as there is only one worldly life.

2. Culprits deserve strictest punishment. What if the man made justice system fails to deliver justice? Will there be no retribution handed to them ever? Heart and mind say that it will be gross injustice on the part of humanity. If these criminals are not held accountable for their deeds then the concept of God's justice becomes meaningless.

Good news is that everyone will be held accountable for his / her deeds in the life hereafter. No matter how powerful you are, no matter how much you evade punishment here - you are going to be held accountable for your deeds in the life hereafter. Those who violated poor souls, they will be given utmost punishment in the hell. 

There is definitely a need of hell in the hereafter, otherwise this world will become hell.

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  1. Agree. Nice Post.
    Is tarah ke Waqiyat ko kum Kiya ja Sakta hai.
    Qawi aur Ghalib hone ka Sharayie aur Qanuni Tareeqa:
    Mulk ki aazaadi aur Salamati ke liye Muslim Ulama aur Sabhi Mazhab ke Logon ki Qurbaniyon ke hum sab shukrguzar Hain.
    Dusri sab Qaumon ko taraqqi ki mauqe diye Gaye aur Musalman Aalim aur awam pichhe Kar diye Gaye ya hote chale Gaye.

    Haqiqat yh hai ki Harek Qsum Sahi ilm, nek amal se aur Ameer ki ekjut ittaba se Taraqqi karti hai aur haalaat par Ghalib rahti hai.

    Deoband, Barely, Lucknow aur Hydrabad ke Deeni idaro ko apni pahchan Baqi rakhni hai to ulama ko
    1. Qur'an ka ilm 2. Bhalayi Ka Amal 3. ittihad
    ke raaste par aana hi padega.

    Kamyabi ka yhi ek rasta tha
    Jis par sahaba chale.
    Yhi ek rasta aaj hai.
    Is par Ulama chalen.