Monday, July 10, 2017

11 easy ways of abandoning Quran

How masses are made to go away from Quran:
  1. You can not understand Quran by own. You must study under "true" scholar.
  2. You have to understand Quran as understood by Salaf-Saleheen [first three generation after Prophet Muhammad.] ONLY. You can not have an interpretation that is not proved from salaf saleheen.
  3. You need to have 15-20 uloom in order to understand Quran.
  4. Do you know arabic? If NO - then you do not have right to interpret Quran.
  5. Your interpretation is new one and never told by salaf-saleheen so you are deviated.
  6. You can not use reasoning and logic for understanding Quran.
  7. You should know the shan-e-nazool and asbab-e-nazool of Quranic ayah - without that you can not understand Quran.
  8. You should explain Quran only as explained by classical scholars like Ibn kaseer.
  9. You should know which ayah is abrogated else you will not understand properly.
  10. Without hadees - you can not understand Quran so you should know hadees related to Quranic ayah before understanding the ayah.
  11. You do not have "islamic" look - then how can you understand Quran?

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