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Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Achaarya's view on GOD

“God is one-alone; not multiple”
Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Achaarya

[A great authority of Hinduism and founder of Gayatri pariwaar]

Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya [died 1990] was one of the greatest Sanatan-dharmi scholar of Vedas and Hindu scriptures. He was the founder of Gayatri parivar – haridwar based religious organization / sect that have millions of followers. Below are his writing from akhand-jyoti magazine [official magazine of Gayatri parivaar]; june 1985 edition.
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“The Creator of this universe is just one. It is only He, who generates, proliferates and causes all variations as per His plans. Neither has he any associate nor any helper.

All people have their interests related together [in the matter of God]. The kingdom of the One God was considered to be divided between different gods and people started thinking that they will worship and support their own selected god. And they didn't stop here; later on they started believing in opposing and causing loss to the other parties [those who worship other gods]. This is the belief system of today’s polytheism. In this way not only one true God got divided into many groups, but also each lineage, village and locality got its own god and goddess.

The One God was divided into several god and goddesses. Theses god and goddesses not only possessed different shapes but also these gods were given different nature; and they were attributed such nature as if they were angry over the one who didn't worship them and worshipped the others. These gods started giving miseries to those who did not worship them. 

In the starting days of polytheism, there were only three gods: Brahama, Vishnu and Mahesh and their wives – Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kaali. From thereafter, daily new gods started coming into existence. The number of gods and goddesses became as high as to be countable. Their diverse and amazing wishes were also fabricated. From among them some were vegetarians and some were non-vegetarians, some furious and some cool minded. Sometimes even ghosts and forefathers became gods and goddesses. And their number increased to thousands and hundred-thousands. In this respect, the backward classes made god with great zeal. It was believed that physical and psychological diseases were due to the wrath of these gods. And the treatment of all such diseases was some intermediary ‘ojha’ [religious doctors] and his bribe fee. Very often, in this treatment, food items were used. Especially the sacrifice of animals and birds was done. Such things [sacrificed animals and birds] were used as offering [‘chadhaawa’].

                    Whenever a new daughter-in-law entered the house or a new baby was born, it was deemed necessary to visit the [family god; god specific to this family] ‘kuldevta’. In this way, it became necessary to keep the mood of the respective god in the right order. This aspect was important feature of those groups/tribes considered to be lower class level. Gods of higher classes of society were relatively more prestigious and honourable. Wealthy people thought that their prestige lies in becoming the worshipper of these higher gods. Pandits, purohits [religious authorities] would do rituals related to worship of these higher gods. Things like Durga Shaptshati Paath, Shiv mahima, Rudri etc path, hawan, poojan [worship related rituals] were invented. With the polytheism, several stories and legends were attached. Several stories were fabricated so that people could understand benefit of worshipping these gods and wrath incurred by these gods [if they were not worshipped]. Numerous gods were attached to festivals. It was made compulsory to visit places of these gods. Some of these old gods sustained and several new originated. Several of the old gods were forgotten into oblivion and several new came into existence and became famous.

On the basis of reason, rationality and intellect, it is unavoidable to accept that God is one. His being and His attributes and His laws cannot be as per wishes of different sects/sampradaay. Their own beliefs are their own personal matters.

The Omnipotent power should be formless (niraakaar). The one having some form will be confined to some country and he will be limited. And it is said ‘ तस्य प्रतिमा अस्ति [Na tasya pratima Asti- yajurved 32:3] meaning that he does not have any idol/shape/form. And at one place it is said ‘एकं सद्विप्रा वहुधा वदन्ति [Ekam sadvipra bahudha wadanti. Rigved 1:164:46] meaning that the scholars have called the same one God by several names. Ultimately – it will be wise decision and highly recommended to turn away from those false gods who are considered to be associated in any way in the creation and running of the universe and its affairs.”  
----  Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, Akhand Jyoti, June 1985    
Source: Hindi to English translation of the below content.

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