Monday, June 28, 2010

If My name is khan then I am a muslim???

Thanks to the sensation-seekng media and ignorant mass, it has become a common understanding that if a person's name is khan or ahmed or imam then he/she is a muslim???? A major credit for this propoganda goes to media - who out of ignorance spreads such information. And the irnoy is that there are few people who proudly claim that they are muslim while not having any knowledge about who muslim is.

Who is a muslim?
Word muslim is derived from the arabic word - slim - meaning submission or peace.Muslim is someone who has surrendred his/her will to Almighty God. So if anyone who surrenders his or her will to Almighty God is called muslim in arabic. In sanskrit we can say that anyone who has done sarv samaprpan to eshwar is a muslim.Hence anyone who follows islam i.e way of life as per God is called a muslim. It has nothing to do with the name of the person.

Qualities of a muslim
When we say that one who submits to God is a muslim then what do we mean? We mean that a muslim is someone who:
a> Strictly believes in ONE TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD
b> Does not give any attribute to GOD that contradicts the definition of GOD.
c> Worships only ONE TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD. Does not worship something that is NOT GOD. Like, a muslim will not worship any man/woman, any natural thing or any man made thing.
d> Follows the guidance of GOD.Almighty GOD guides mankind through his revelations revealed to his messengers. There has been several revelations of GOD. Quran is the last and final revelation of GOD,it was sent for whole mankind and is the ONLY uncorrupted revelation of GOD today.
e> Follows Quran. Abstain from what is forbidded by GOD and does things made obligatory by GOD. For example-A muslim does not worship anything that is not God, does not commit adultery or fornication, does not kill any innocent, does not deal with interest, does not eat pork, does not drink alcohol, does not marry someone who associates partner with GOD.
f> Similalry a muslim does what is ordered by Almighty God; like-Believes and worship only ONE GOD, prays 5 times a day, gives charity money, fasts during ramdhan, maintains modesty, does not indulge in illegal sex,obeys his/her parents, is honest, does not eat someones money etc.
g> Follows the guidance of prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him). There has been several messnegers of God, viz Prophet Adam, prophet noah, prophet Abraham, prophet Moses, prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them all). Last and final prophet is prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him). Quran exhort its believer to obey Almighty God and obey the guidance given by Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him).

So next time when you see someone on TV claiming that he/she is a muslim or ambassador of islam the please re think about the definition of a muslim. Dont be confuse by the name. Name has nothing to do with the belief and practise. There may be many icons around you whom you may be thinking as a muslim but actually they may be NOT. They may be muslim in the register of Govt-census but not in register of GOD :)

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