Friday, July 14, 2017

2021 or 2026 - choice is your's - Perform or Perish

A. What he said:   The wise man warned in 1987 through his revolutionary book "NOW OR NEVER" [english translation of the original book "Agar ab bhi na jaage to"] that this non-performing ummah will suffer humiliation and annihilation very soon in India (specifically) and round the globe in general.

Few took his words seriously. The wise man had warned through his books, lectures etc since 1987. It looked insane because muslims were in their comfort zone.
His warning became more vocal after 2014. Meanwhile india witnessed brazen and open attack on muslims by Govt supported and sponsored elements. Life, honor, business, property and institution of muslims were attacked by Govt from all directions.
A few people started believing his words. They became serious and started working in the correct direction.

B. Why he said:  The wise man is not an astrologer or political expert but yes he is Quran expert. Law of God is : Perform or perish. In past several centuries - this ummah proved itself its uselessness by abandoning Quran. Sects, ulemas and fabricated narrations made sure that muslims land up in worse possible situation in every domain. So as per laws of God - this ummah is bound to suffer and undergo azaab of Allah.

C. How you can be saved?  Indian Media, bureaucracy, Govt institutions, Judiciary, Police have already pledged alliance to upcoming hindu rahstra and they all are working fast in this direction. Normal hindus are told by RSS and other anti-indian ideologies that for the upcoming hindu rashtra its important to support Govt.

What is remaining is full fledged support of Indian army. That will be followed by abolishing of election, one party rule and establishment of hindu rashtra. Constitutional stamp will be given to this "new india" that will fulfill dream of RSS who have been working hard for decades.

2021 is the date set by RSS for declaration of Hindu rashtra. As per their "constitution" Muslims and Christians have to live like a second degree citizen, with no constitutional rights and they have to follow hindu culture in all aspects of life.

If it seems far fetched to you - just wait for few years.

********** The End of this ummah and beginning of a new era *********

But, wait.... that is not the end of the story.

If you really think that you want to avoid your destruction and your humiliation then ponder over laws of God. As per laws of God - those who will work in the correct direction, by performing the duty that ummah was ignoring - then those people will be saved by the azaab of Allah. That is promise of Allah.

In this difficult situation, you have the opportunity to be among those who will get the highest level of paradise and be at par with Sahaba ikram.

Final solution is in this video, watch "carefully":

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